奥山鹿温泉旅館 Okuyamaga Onsen Ryokan
Address 235 Hirayama Yamaga, Kumamoto 〒861-0556 | Tel 0968 – 44 – 0588

By car



How to get here

There are two ways to get Okuyamaga Onsenryokan from street 195.
One is by 元湯(Motoyu) and the other one is by Horikawa Bus Station where sign of Yamato Ryokan is placed.

There is a narrow bridge when you enter from Hirokawa Bus Station.



Entering from Bus Stop   ②『やまと旅館』

Entering from Bus Stop   ①『平山温泉前』

By bullet train & bus

From Hakata station, it takes only 30 min. to Shin Omuta station. 

Then, you can ride a taxi or rent a car at Shin Omuta Station.

From Kumamoto Station or Tamana Station.

Bus Stop Map