We serve authentic Japanese food with local ingredients.

Kumamoto prefecture is know for agriculture.

We get fresh vegetables, fruits, meats, fish and rice.

You can also enjoy Basashi(raw horse meat) which is Kumamoto’s speciality.


We serve Japanese course menu that comes with 10 to 12 dishes.

Menu includes appetizer, sashimi, tempura, and nabe.





We sereve local alcohol including sake, chochu and wine.

Sake/Shochu          ChiyonosonoHananoka


Wine                           KIKUKA WINERY




You can order cake for your special occasion.


We serve dinner and breakfast at the restaurants not in the guests’ rooms.
If you prefer table rather than low table on tatami(sitting on the tatami mat), please let us know. We can not guarantee table because of limitation.

Dinner/Breakfast Time

Dinner       6pm or 6:30pm

Breakfast     8am or 8:30am 


・Please let us know if you have food allergy.

We try our best to substitute but we can not guarantee.